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Health & Tobacco – How the FDA regulates e-cigarettes October 4, 2017

Nowadays, Tobacco is the major cause of disease in our countries and this problem increases the death rate in united states since August 2010. Due to this problem, Government decided to control this problem. A big project is introduced about FDA regulations on the cigarette called hookah pens, electronic cigarette, and e-pipes.
FDA introduced this system so that people can fulfill their desires without getting affected by the disease. This type of e-cigarette contains the following components.

1) This e-cigarette contains e-liquid which have a taste like tobacco. This liquid sealed in glass or plastic Vail.

2) A Battery is used for lighting to make this cigarette look like a real cigarette.

3) Flavorings for ENDS are also added.

4) For successfully running this cigarette, Programmable software is added.

There are different companies in the market which sell the e cigarette.

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